The Ultimate Guide on Exhibit Booth Rentals 2022

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The ultimate guide on exhibit booth rentals 2022

When attending a business trade show a company needs to make sure that they select the right exhibit or trade show booth. This guide will provide all the details on the choices and options here as well as important considerations to gain the most benefit from a trade show appearance.

1. Should You Rent or Buy Your Trade Show Exhibit?

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A business team will need to consider four key variables before determining whether to rent or buy a trade show exhibit. This includes:

  • Overall cost
  • Practicality
  • Usage
  • Customization

Contrary to belief, it is not always going to be more cost-effective for a business to rent or buy. This will largely depend on the usage. Business teams need to consider how much they are going to be using the product. If, for instance, they are going to be using an exhibition a few times each year for the foreseeable future, it’s going to be more cost-effective to buy. Alternatively, if there are only plans to use it once every few years, renting could be the right choice.

There are practical considerations too. If an exhibition is purchased, the business will need to handle storing and maintaining it. When an exhibit is rented, this is taken care of by the business that provides the rental.

While it is possible to gain custom exhibit rentals, it is far easier to access higher levels of customization by purchasing an exhibit. This could also impact brand identity. when an exhibit is purchased it is easier to maintain a brand profile and keep it constant across multiple trade shows. In contrast, businesses that are constantly changing their products and brand position will find a rental far more flexible.

2. Effective Ways to Cut Costs on Trade Show Exhibiting

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It is always going to be crucial for businesses to maintain low costs. Attending a trade show can be expensive but there are ways to reduce the costs significantly. Businesses should certainly consider an exhibition display rental as one of the best possible options. This is particularly useful if a company is only thinking in the short term and still provides them with advanced exhibit options.

Business owners will need to explore the numbers to determine whether this is the right choice for them. However, one of the biggest benefits is that there is no initial cost outlay. Furthermore, it is possible to continuously update and make improvements without paying high additional extra costs.

Business teams should think about the weight and size of the exhibit as well. It is important to make sure that they are aware of how much they will need to spend on shipping before they arrange an order. Lighter exhibits will cost less so businesses should think about this when they are selecting materials.

Even timing can impact the cost of an exhibit. As such, business teams must consider which shows they want to attend. If a business chooses an exhibit on Monday or Tuesday, exhibits will need to be installed at the weekend. This is always going to cost more compared with later in the week.

Matt Doyle of Excel Builders says:

“I’ve seen even some of the big companies bring some really sad-looking tables to a trade show. If you want to look bigger and more invested (and more investable!) then consider this part of your marketing budget for the year.”

3. Exhibit Rental or Custom Build – Which Way to Go?

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There are plenty of factors for business owners to consider when choosing between a custom build and an exhibit rental. These include:

  • Spending concerns
  • Issues with logistics
  • Levels of flexibility
  • Consistency

With an exhibit rental, a business will save overall. This is due to the fact that there is going to be no additional cost for storage or capital expense. In contrast, both can be an issue with a custom build.

Another great benefit is that a business will be provided with a high level of flexibility. Companies can easily adapt or change their exhibit rental to match their needs and preferences. It’s typically a smart choice for smaller programs that may be working with a tighter budget.

With custom builds while a business owner will gain a greater level of consistency, they do need to consider the higher costs. A company can save over multiple trade shows but will never achieve this in the short term. That is why this is considered the best option for larger businesses where there is a group of trade show appearances laid out. Businesses will need to consider the cost and practicality of refurbishments as well. Once a business commits to a purchase, they need to be prepared for the long term expenses.

4. What Are the Ways to Use Trade Show Rental Booths?

Ways to use trade show booth rental

There are countless different ways to use a trade show rental booth. Some of the reasons for making this choice include:

  • Experimenting with a particular design
  • A second ‘emergency’ exhibit
  • An upgrade
  • An Improvement in brand perception

When a business isn’t sure whether they want to purchase a custom design, they can test the waters with a rental first. By showcasing a rental, they can gouge reaction and, if the results are positive, then invest in purchase for the long term.

It’s also possible that a company has a second trade show that collides with their original schedule. In cases like this, it can be easier and even more cost-effective to rent another exhibit instead of trying to move one to a new location. This could even be logistically impossible and rental can be a brand saver in this type of situation.

Alternatively, a company may have decided that it is time to upgrade an existing exhibit that they have on hand. The benefit of updating an exhibit is that it keeps a brand looking fresh as well as modern. It ensures that there is no issue with the perception or identity of the business. A rental could even allow a business to afford a higher quality of exhibit than they would otherwise not be able to obtain.

5. What Elements Make a Rental Booth Attractive?

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A business will always want to get the most attention possible with their trade show exhibit rental. Some of the best details to focus on include:

  • The theme
  • Free merchandise
  • Lighting
  • Technology
  • Graphics
  • Area

These are just some of the key factors that could ensure that a trade show exhibit will stun an audience. First, the theming of a trade show exhibit needs to be clear. If a visitor is confused about what a company is and what they are offering, they will already have lost their interest.

Free merchandise is another key consideration. Businesses should be offering great merch and promotional items that will help their brand be remembered in what can be packed environment. Both tech and lighting will ensure a trade show exhibit stands out even in the middle of a packed arena. Both can be incorporated seamlessly into the design of the exhibit and ensure that it catches attention. The graphics are another key factor and the right graphics can ensure that a brand looks both professional and successful. It also helps guarantee a clear message.

Finally, businesses always need to find the right area to guarantee that they are perfectly positioned to build up a storm at a tradeshow.

6. How to Choose an Exhibition Rental Company for Your Needs?

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Once a business decides that an exhibition booth rental is a right choice for their brand, they then need to find the right company to focus on. What key factors should companies be thinking about here?

Well, customer service is always going to be a top priority. Ideally, a company should look for a supplier that is willing to go the extra mile for them. The business should be able to offer a personalized solution and ensure that they are easily contactable to answer any concerns. Great turnaround would be another deadline, particularly if the date for the targetted trade show is on the horizon.

Companies also need to ask whether a designer has their own production team. If they don’t then this means that they are outsourcing the work. Unfortunately, this can lead to an issue with quality control. This is why a business should make sure that they meet the designer on the site of their business so they can explore their facilities.

Companies should also make sure that they are checking references for a particular business as well. It’s important to make sure that a designer can provide a past portfolio of this work. This should include reviews from previous clients and of particular note should be any reference to the deadline, costs, complications as well as customer service.

7. How Exhibit Rentals Enable You to Adapt to Different Trade Show Environments?


When a business is attending various trade shows, it can seem like buying an exhibit is the obvious choice. On the contrary, trade show exhibit rentals can still be the right choice. This is specifically due to the level of flexibility that they provide. With a rental like this, businesses can quickly alter the:

  • Design
  • Size
  • Layout
  • Branding

This means that a company can alter the design and other aspects of the exhibit based on the type of trade show that they are attending. It also ensures a higher level of presence on a floor where they need to stand out. Companies can even additional parts to the original design. However, this can be a little expensive.

Furthermore, this does mean that a company is able to have multiple exhibits at different trade shows at the same time. Again, this frees up scheduling options and ensures that a business can attend any exhibit that they want or need to. It also avoids issues with maintenance completely.

8. How to Drive More Foot Traffic to Trade Show Booth Rentals?

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For a trade show to be a success, businesses must be able to drive high levels of traffic to their trade booth. There are a few options to do this which include:

  • Premarketing plans
  • Clever incentives
  • Social media promotion
  • Foods and treats

Premarketing is a clear way to hit the target audience immediately. This can be accomplished online or around the location of the trade show. For instance, some companies rent billboards close to transport links. By doing this, visitors are already aware the brand is making an appearance.

Incentives tend to mean free merch and it is worth ensuring that this is as practical as possible. It should be connected to the target customer as well as the brand profile of the company. For instance, a travel business could give away branded passport holders.

In terms of social media promotion, there’s a huge potential here. Facebook alone has around 2.38 billion monthly users while Twitter has about 321 million. Getting active here can ensure a company does attract the target audience before they even arrive.

Jodi Amendola of Forbes suggests mixing it up on social media. She states:

“It’s OK to retweet something interesting or funny even if it isn’t 100% “on message.” In fact, many attendees scroll right by posts from vendors that only tweet their sales pitch and booth number.”

At the same time, once they do appear at the trade show, the scents of food and treats can send them in the right direction.

9. How to Design an Eye-Catching Exhibition Booth Rental?

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Businesses exploring custom exhibit rentals should consider the specific variables that are going to guarantee their custom trade show exhibit rental does attract attention. Some of the features to think about are:

  • Storage
  • Flooring
  • Text
  • Shading
  • Visuals

Storage is particularly important as this is going to make any trade show appearance look professional. That’s exactly what investors are searching for. At the same time, the right flooring can guarantee that a trade show booth stands out from other offerings. It can even make a trade show area more comfortable and welcoming.

In terms of design, text, shading, and visuals are the crucial elements. When selecting the text, a business needs to make sure that it is highly readable but also noteworthy. Standard fonts simply won’t cut it here. At the same time, while a booth should be colorful this should not detract from the message or make it difficult to understand. Ultimately, all the different features need to form a seamless campaign that provides a completely effective, compelling reason to visit the booth.

10. What Are the Different Types of Exhibition Booth Rentals?

There are a variety of trade show exhibit rentals to consider. These include:

Samsung exhibit rental



Eye catching graphics

Island booths


Anritsu - linear exhibits

Linear exhibits


Museum exhibition design

Mobile exhibits


Affordable exhibit rental booth

Double-decker booths

Each option provides different benefits. For instance, peninsula exhibits have three different sides exposed and are generally 10×20 feet. This ensures plenty of exposure and is cheaper than an island display.

On the other hand, island displays have all their sides exposed, providing an even greater potential for traffic. They can be some of the largest, ranging up to 90 feet and provide incredible options for customization. These can even have rooms for sales reps to use.

For a business that needs something completely unique, a double-decker exhibit could be the right choice. It has two floors and the grand verticality ensures that it can be seen from a great distance. It’s also possible to avoid renting a high level of floor space.

Linear exhibits are perfect for businesses on a budget but only provide one section that is exposed to the trade show floor. As such, traffic levels are reduced and this is usually chosen in conjunction with a larger exhibit.

Finally, mobile exhibits provide a portable option that is incredibly easy to transport. It’s ideal for a business visiting a trade show for the first time. It is also possible to dismantle and build these without the support of the designer or provider.

11. What Are Some Ways to Grow Your Business With Trade Show Booth Rentals?

Save a lot of money

There are a few ways to make sure that a company does get the biggest benefits with trade show exhibit rentals and sees a tremendous impact. To do this, it is important for a business to consider the target audience and make sure that there are goals in mind. It is essential to have a plan in place that can provide a structure.

A company should also make sure that they are advertising in advance through resources like social media including LinkedIn and Pinterest. It is important to expand the promotion of a trade show beyond the exhibit itself to gain the maximum benefits for a business.

Tony Parinello of Entrepreneur also recommends you purchase the mailing list of those in attendance:

“You want to get your business’s name in front of them again before too much time passes.”

12. How Do You Identify the Right Time to Switch to Exhibit Rentals

Set clear goals for your trade show

Businesses may be wondering whether it is time to switch to trade show exhibit rentals. With exhibition equipment rental, it is possible to ensure that a brand gets the attention it does deserve. But what are the signs that a company needs to make the switch? Well, it is possible that costs have ballooned to the point where a trade show appearance is taking a serious hit on the business budget. It may also be the case that the current exhibit is looking a little dated and suffered some wear and tear.

Businesses also need to consider the results of past trade shows. It’s quite possible and indeed likely that they are not seeing the return on investment they wanted. If that’s the case, then it’s crucial that a company does act quickly to rectify the situation. A poor appearance at a trade can even damage the reputation and profile of a company on the market.

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