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Exhibit Rentals Are a Turn-Key Marketing Solution

When you’re searching for the best way to create a presence at a trade show or other event, the idea of buying all your materials and equipment can be a little daunting. In some cases, Art & Display's exhibit rentals, shown here, are a better solution--allowing you to try out the marketing options without an overwhelming up-front investment and without many of the storage costs associated with owning all your displays.

Trade Show Rental Booths Give You Marketing Flexibility

If you are new to the exhibition scene or you don’t exhibit on a regular basis, you may find that these trade show display rentals from Art & Display are the best way to figure out your exhibition needs. Besides, companies that are frequently changing their marketing highlights or branding elements may find that rental serves their needs more effectively. Finally, rental components can be a great way to give your brand a more significant presence at some shows while keeping your expenditures minimal.

Affordability is a Key Benefit to Exhibit Rental Booth

Whether you are looking for a massive, walk-in booth with technology elements or something more straightforward, it is possible to find a rental that will meet your needs, without breaking the bank. Our customizable rental components can be put together in many ways to help you achieve all your marketing goals. Plus, you aren’t stuck with a generic booth, we can work with you to customize our existing products with your brand and message so you can affordably achieve all your marketing goals.

Benefits of Trade Show Rental Booths

When you are thinking about trade show rental booths as a way to build your convention and trade show presence, you’ll appreciate the many benefits, including:

  • Lower Cost

    When you rent a booth or elements, you’ll pay less than if you had the items custom built up front. Besides, you’ll save money on storage fees. This is especially important for firms that are not 100% certain about their rental needs. There is no money wasted on building a booth that will never be used again. 

  • Direct to You

    Instead of storing your booth components between shows and transporting them to a venue yourself, we can bring the rental pieces directly to your location. This saves you time and effort that can better be spent focusing on your marketing at the show itself.  

  • Great Look

    You may worry that a rental booth has a cheap or generic look. This is far from the case. We can create a booth that showcases your brand’s uniqueness. A rental booth will look professional and well put together. Plus, we use the same care and effort in constructing rental pieces as we do for custom builds.

  • Time-Friendly

    If you have just a few short weeks before a convention or show, building from the ground up may not be possible because of time constraints. A booth rental can be put together much more quickly, even if custom elements are included in the design. You may be able to meet or exceed that deadline without leaving yourself with a booth that looks haphazard or thrown together.

If you would like more information about exhibit booth rentals shown here or you'd like to learn more about adding elements to your current setup by utilizing customizable rental pieces, reach out to us at Art & Display today. We hope our trade show display rentals meet all your marketing needs and exceed your expectations in every way possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Usually 1/3 of purchase price

You can change your design for every show. Flexibility, No cost of ownership (storage repairs etc) It can be written off as a marketing expense

Usually, they are handcrafted and design specific to a client's needs

4-6 weeks

Because you have a specific look or brand appearance and you want to have more features from your exhibit

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