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Save Money and Impress Attendees
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Make a Name for Yourself at Trade Shows

Standing out amongst a sea of competitors is always challenging - but it’s especially difficult at a trade show. Art & Display will give your brand the tools it needs to draw attention while standing shoulder-to-shoulder with other companies. 

Renting a high-quality, exhibit can mean the difference between engaging with customers or letting them pass by.

About Our Pre-Designed Trade Show Rental Exhibits

Since 1999, Art & Display has been fostering a connection between visual elements and exceptional branding. Our goal is not only to properly advertise your business but also to give you the tools you need to represent your brand long-term.

All of our pre-designed rental exhibits are designed to:

  • Maximize your rented space at the event.
  • Empower your trade show representatives.
  • Match your brand’s colors and aesthetics.
  • Exceed your company’s expectations.
  • Meet your company’s budget requirements.

Believe us when we say we’re not just another branding agency. We’re “professional exhibitionists,” and trade show displays are our bread and butter. Whatever industry you’re in, we’re ready to arm you with the visual tools you need to succeed.

Allow us to show you how a strategically planned and expertly designed exhibit can spark consumer action. Talk to our team about your upcoming events, as well as your ultimate conversion and branding goals.

Benefits of Pre-Designed Exhibit Kits

Never been to a trade show or conference before? Let us introduce you to our pre-designed exhibit kits. These are designed to easily adapt to new situations while providing everything you need to get your brand name out there. They’re beautiful but cost-effective and low-maintenance.

Our pre-designed kits allow for:

  • Quick Decision-Making.

  • Faster Turnarounds.

  • Less Guesswork.

  • Low Design Expenses.

  • Great User Experiences.

  • Minimal Risk.

Additionally, our pre-designed kits are rentable - which lowers your overall cost of attending and participating in trade shows, conferences, open houses, etc. Don’t worry about storing the various design elements or keeping them in good condition. We’ll take care of it all.

Art & Display has a proven track record of happy customers and successful trade show exhibits - many of which use our pre-designed kits.

Custom Exhibit Kits to Meet Your Needs

We specialize in custom trade show displays. Even if you purchase a pre-designed kit, we can customize it to meet your specific needs. Talk to us about custom:

  • Finishes

  • Textures

  • Colors

  • Graphics/Images

  • Fonts

  • Added Elements

  • Accessories

Just because you’re renting a kit doesn’t mean you can’t make it work specifically for your brand. If you have certain expectations or requests, let us know. We’re happy to accommodate.

Art & Display Makes You Look Good

As a creative agency, our ultimate goal is to showcase your business’s best elements. When you look good, we look good. We’ll fully dedicate ourselves to providing a rental kit that is designed to wow your audience, as well as your competitors.

Keep in mind that our rental booth displays are held to the same quality and design standards as our custom products. You can trust that your exhibition will look just as professional as the rest of our client’s setups.

Don’t just take our word for it, though. Check out some of the work we’ve done for previous clients with rental trade show displays and exhibits.

Frequently Asked Questions

Exhibitor Magazine or trade magazines.

Exhibit design

They understand your needs and their ability to work on many different levels of the design requirements.

Design an experiential experience for a show goer and effectively portray a clients brand and message in a creative way

You can change your design for every show. Flexibility, No cost of ownership (storage repairs etc) It can be written off as a marketing expense

What People Are Saying About Us Online

Hi Art and Display team,
I want to extend a heartfelt thank you for all of your incredible hard work in making the Sui Gaming Summit happen in such a tight timeframe. The space looked so beautiful and we got tons of compliments for the wow factor of how the space was branded. Many exhibitors chose to take the fabric prints from their booth home with them because they were such high quality.
I’m including a few photo selects and should hopefully have more soon. The event recap video is also now live on YouTube. Please forward to Herb as I didn’t have his email address 🙂 Looking forward to working with you again one day soon!
Chelsea Kelly Sui Foundation

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