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Custom Trade Show Displays

Each custom trade show booth we create is specifically designed to help our clients reach their marketing goals. Whether it is a confined or broad area, we assist you in making the most of it.

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Trade Show Rental Booths

If you are new to the exhibition scene or you don’t exhibit on a regular basis, you may find that these trade show display exhibit rentals from Art & Display are the best way to figure out your exhibition needs.

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Modular trade show exhibits are prefabricated exhibits (booths) available in different shapes and sizes. Because the pieces are already crafted, they are easier to set up than a booth you design from the ground up. The “modular” idea comes into play in that the parts are interchangeable. It is possible to take one set of pieces and put it together in different ways, depending on the space available. Here at Art & Display, we are proud of our unique designs that can give your booth a personal touch, even using these prefab products.

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Custom Exhibit Rentals


Custom Trade Show Display

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Portable Modular Exhibits

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Events and Environments

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10 x 10 Trade Show Booths

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10 x 20 Trade Show Booths

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20 x 20 Trade Show Booths

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Virtual Reality Exhibits

The Art & Display Experience


1. Research

Every college project we ever did was prep for this. We start every project with thorough research. We review the information you provide but also conduct our own reconnaissance mission to get to know your company, services, and products from the outside and to see you through the eyes of your customers. We gather relevant data, images, and opinions to help us develop a direction for your design and give your project a solid foundation.

Planning and concept

2. Planning & Concept

After we've got an idea of where you and your customers are coming from we start developing concepts and planning your display. We think about things like traffic flow through your exhibit space, how your exhibit will look once it has been put together and whether additional elements can be added to make your exhibit into something really special. We spend this time comparing the small details to the big picture to create the framework for a successful project.

Planning and concept

3. Renderings

After we've shown you the plans and concepts and gotten your approval, we create renderings of your display to help you make the final decision and to help us put the final touches on your display before it goes to production. We provide material boards, color renderings in high resolution, plan drawings to scale, animations, PDFs or PowerPoint presentations to help you make the right decisions.

Build and implementation

4. Build & Implementation

Once you've approved all of the design work and final concepts, it's time for production. This is the phase where drawings come to life and your display becomes a reality. We work with only the highest quality materials, surfaces, and structures to ensure that your final product can stand the test of delivery, setup, tear down, and time.

Build and implementation

5. Delivery

When you're ready for your display to be delivered we take care to efficiently and safely pack everything you need and ship it to you promptly, no matter where it needs to go. We can teach you how to set up and teardown or provide you with on-site assistance. Whatever it is you need, we can and will deliver.

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20 × 20 Exhibit



30 × 50 Exhibit

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20 × 50 Exhibit

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