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Exhibit Design

Exhibitor Magazine or trade magazines.

Exhibit design

LED Screens, Lightweight materials, More interactive

How it displays the message, product and company branding


Make sure you understand the client's needs and their overall goals. Use good messaging make it interactive and has a good feeling about it

They understand your needs and their ability to work on many different levels of the design requirements.

Design an experiential experience for a show goer and effectively portray a clients brand and message in a creative way

Depend on the size and complexity. We are usually 3-6 weeks


1 year usually




Usually 1/3 of purchase price


You can change your design for every show. Flexibility, No cost of ownership (storage repairs etc) It can be written off as a marketing expense

As many as you would like

$50,000 is average

$20,000 is average

Rental is a one or two show contract where you rent the exhibit properties

Trade Show Displays

Usually, it would be based on your trade. Usually trade magazines are a good resource

The ROI is usually shows a good return

The exhibit setup and design, Getting the people organized, follow up after the show

If you are doing a smaller show or regional shows or you have a sale person wanted to exhibit without the large costs.

Modular are usually lightweight displays that pack in smaller crates and containers. More off the shelf options

Custom Exhibits

Setting up in a short amount of time

Depends on the situation

Usually, they are handcrafted and design specific to a client's needs

4-6 weeks

Because you have a specific look or brand appearance and you want to have more features from your exhibit

Usually with a union crew

Popup Exhibits

Pop up display is a lightweight portable display usually used for smaller exhibits. off the shelf options


1/3 of retail

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