Portable Modular Display

Get Noticed while Enjoying Easy Set-Up with Modular Exhibits

  • Simple To Set-Up
  • Sophisticated Design
  • Durable & Designed To Stand-Up
  • Budget-Friendly

Portable Modular Exhibits

With our portable modular displays, Art & Display has put together everything you need to make your brand or product catch the eye of those who matter most. We offer many pieces to give your modular booth design a finished feel, with easy-to-use setup and take down. When you’re working the trade show circuit, flexibility is a must. That’s why you’ll love these modular options that can be constructed in multiple ways, depending on your space and venue.

Get Noticed while Enjoying Easy Set-Up with Modular Exhibits

Discover How Modular Trade Show Exhibits Help You Achieve Your Goals

Modular trade show exhibits are prefabricated exhibits (booths) available in different shapes and sizes. Because the pieces are already crafted, they are easier to set up than a booth you design from the ground up. The “modular” idea comes into play in that the parts are interchangeable. It is possible to take one set of pieces and put it together in different ways, depending on the space available. Here at Art & Display, we are proud of our unique designs that can give your booth a personal touch, even using these prefab products.

Why Choose Portable Modular Displays from Art & Display

As a marketer, you have many options when it comes to trade show booth design, we’ve put together a list of five reasons why you’ll find a modular exhibit from Art & Display to be a great choice.

  • You Have Options

    You’ll not be locked into one standard booth design with our modular displays. The individual components can be put together in a number of different ways, giving you different options depending on the space available to you at a particular venue.

You Have Options
Modular Booths Are Easy to Set-Up and Tear Down
  • Modular Booths Are Easy to Set-Up and Tear Down

    Setting up (and cleaning up) a booth is easier than you ever imagined. Not only do you have the flexibility to adjust your design based on size, but many of the components can be put together without using tools.

  • Lightweight Transportation

    Compared to the competition, you’ll find our displays are lighter, without sacrificing structural integrity. The light weight makes our displays easier to transport, unload and put together. Carrying these parts will be less of a burden, something important whether it’s you putting it together or if you have staff to do that.

Lightweight Transportation
Customize for Your Brand
  • Customize for Your Brand

    Just because these modular displays are pre-fab doesn’t mean they can’t be customizable. Show off your brand or build name recognition using components that were designed with you in mind. No matter what feelings you’re hoping to evoke from your booth, it’s possible using modular displays.

  • Integrate Technology for a Modern Touch

    Today’s trade shows aren’t usually the simple set up they were in years past. You may wish to utilize video or even interactive technology elements in your trade show booth. The modular displays from Art & Display can be utilized with nearly any technology you can imagine--letting you create the booth of your dreams.

Integrate Technology for a Modern Touch

Check out the examples here on site, but remember that these are just a few of the options we have available. If you are interested in learning more about the marketing opportunities available using our modular trade show booths, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Art & Display. Our experts look forward to helping you exceed the expectations you have when it comes to trade show or on-site marketing.

What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

Erik Gundersen

Art & Display did a fantastic job on our custom trade show exhibit. We do about 7 shows a year and our booth has held up to use for another year! We used other companies in the past and the exhibits fell apart after a few months. Their customer service is top-notch and they always go above and beyond for us! I'd recommend these guys to anyone that wants a high-quality trade show exhibit for their next show.

Erik Gundersen
Phil Reese

We've been using A&D for our annual conference booth for about 4 years. Before them, there were weeks of nervous anxiety about what the booth would look like, will the shipment get there in time, will the venue misplace half the booth? Now we have a pleasant planning meeting ahead of time, then we get professionally drawn plans for review and sign-off. Then the all the shipping and worrying is done by the professionals who do this day and in and out. However, the best part is how well they take care of us during setup and throughout the conference. There is always a helping hand just a few aisles away to solve any problem. They have been great to work with, can't imagine doing a conference without their participation!

Phil Reese

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