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Trade shows have some of the most competitive space on the planet. Exhibitors stand shoulder to shoulder and competitors may be just feet away.


Floor space can be a significant investment and organizations should make the most of every square foot. After all, there can be a lot at stake. Not only are there the hard costs of the floor space and registration to consider, but travel, hotel rooms, promotional items, and labor. Your display may impact staff pride and employee morale. Then, of course, you likely have specific marketing goals to reach.

Whether you are introducing a new product, building a brand, conducting demonstrations or all of the above, the success of your display will largely depend on your exhibit design. It can be the difference between a visitor who gives you a passing glance and one who engages you. At Art & Display, we have been creating custom trade show exhibit solutions since 1999. We carefully and creatively make the organic connection between visual attraction, exceptional branding and inviting design to empower our clients by maximizing their space. Our displays are not just visually attractive; they perform to meet and exceed expectations. We've been called artistic, creative and visionary. We prefer "professional exhibitionists".

Like fine art, a creatively designed exhibit space or booth should move the viewer to action. It should say something to the visitor and stir them to act. It should be visually inviting making practical use of available space. Art & Displays graphics and design team work with you in creating space that encourages visitors to take action, whatever that desired action may be.

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Custom Trade Show Displays

The bread and butter of Art & Display's work are our custom trade show displays. Each custom trade show booth we create is specifically designed to help our clients reach their marketing goals. Whether it is a confined or broad area, we assist you in making the most of it. We use all design elements available to us including complimentary textures, colors, shapes, fonts, and graphics to develop your desired image. Our custom displays combine a variety of components to generate the desired impact.

Elements Can Include:

Hard Walls
Hanging Signage
Lighting Options
Video Screens
Custom Graphics
Podium and Stage Areas

We can weave impressive video, audio and lighting elements into your design to attract and hold the attention of visitors. Many of our custom displays are designed as virtual portable showrooms, allowing for multiple display and demonstration areas. Our custom displays are designed to impress.

We Make You Look Good

Art & Display is a group of creative minds who come together to show off your organization at its best. When you look good, we look good! We make it happen by creating dynamic, inspired displays that demonstrate your company's best assets and communicate the benefits of your products services in exceptional ways. We want to "wow" you and your target audience.

In competitive situations like trade shows, exhibitions and events, we help you stand above the crowd. Whether you are brand-building, demonstrating products or services, generating leads or sampling products, our portable booth design, and custom trade show designs will help you achieve your goals. Set the standard in your industry and get ready to be the star of the show. Contact Art & Display. Put our over 75 years of combined experience to work for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Usually, it would be based on your trade. Usually trade magazines are a good resource

The ROI is usually shows a good return

The exhibit setup and design, Getting the people organized, follow up after the show

If you are doing a smaller show or regional shows or you have a sale person wanted to exhibit without the large costs.

Modular are usually lightweight displays that pack in smaller crates and containers. More off the shelf options

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Hi Art and Display team,
I want to extend a heartfelt thank you for all of your incredible hard work in making the Sui Gaming Summit happen in such a tight timeframe. The space looked so beautiful and we got tons of compliments for the wow factor of how the space was branded. Many exhibitors chose to take the fabric prints from their booth home with them because they were such high quality.
I’m including a few photo selects and should hopefully have more soon. The event recap video is also now live on YouTube. Please forward to Herb as I didn’t have his email address 🙂 Looking forward to working with you again one day soon!
Chelsea Kelly Sui Foundation

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