What Trade Show Booth Design Elements Can Attract Attention?

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What trade show booth design elements can attract attention

When your business is present at a trade show, attracting the attention of people walking by is one of the most important parts of your job. If no one’s paying attention or they’re more interested in the booth next to yours, it can feel like a big waste of time. That’s never the case though; trade shows can be massively beneficial to your business as long as you get your booth design right and approach them in the correct way.

There’s more that goes into creating a good trade show booth design than you might imagine. It really pays off to be thinking through these issues ahead of time because if you don’t, your booth won’t be up to scratch and it’ll be much harder for you to attract attention. We’re going to dig deeper into which design elements are most important and make the biggest difference on the trade show floor, so read on now to find out more.

LED Screens & Why They Matter

One of the things that you definitely need to put in place for your trade show booth is an LED screen. These displays offer a bright focal point for your trade show booth and this is what makes them great at pulling people in and attracting attention. They can display whatever you like, from a demonstration video to a trailer for a product or service you’re looking to promote at the trade show.

So if you’re looking for trade show rental booths, make sure there’s the option to add an LED screen. Once the screen has caught people’s attention and you can see them watching it, a member of your team can move in and start talking to them about your company. It’s a great entry point for conversations like these and they also make your trade show display feel more modern and interesting.

Appealing Lighting

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Lighting is one of those trade show booth elements that is so often and so easily overlooked. If you don’t have attractive lighting in place at your booth, it will be overlooked for a variety of reasons. First of all, if your booth is not properly lit, it will be less visible. It sounds obvious but it’s worth keeping in mind. People’s eyes will be immediately drawn to the brightest and most dazzling booths, so make sure yours is one of those. Use attractive and creative lighting to illuminate your booth. Use warm colors for the best impact.

Eye-Catching Graphics

Eye catching graphics

The images and font you use on your trade show exhibition are important. If you’re not properly taking these into account, you’ll be at risk of coming up with cluttered graphics that people can’t even be bothered trying to decipher. For the most effective impact, you want your graphics to be both easy to understand and eye-catching. Give people a reason to look at your booth and see what you’re saying. And when they look, ensure what they see is easy to understand right away. They shouldn’t need to put any effort into it.

A Clear Theme

Clear theme

Having a clear theme running through your custom booth design is important. If the theme is not clear and consistent, it can make your trade show exhibit feel a little messy and all over the place, and that’s the last thing you need. So if you have some ideas for colors you want to use a particular font, try to keep these things consistent. It will lend your rental exhibit a coherence that it might otherwise have been lacking. People will be attracted to a clear style and consistent theme, so it makes sense.

A Well Thought Out Floor Plan

The floor plan of your show booth rental will have a big impact on how you use it and how other people interact with it. You want to make sure that it’s clear where people should go and where they should walk. That way, there will be no confusion and people will feel more comfortable approaching your exhibit display. Having a customized island in the middle of the booth is a good idea because it gives the booth a hub around which people can congregate and interact with you and your representatives.

An Area for Demonstrations

Museum exhibition design

If you’re trying to promote a product at the trade show, it definitely makes sense for you to create an area in the booth where these demonstrations can take place. People can gather around and see what it is your business is offering and why they should be interested in it. This might not apply to every business but if you feel it could be beneficial to your show booth rental, definitely put plans in place to make it happen. It could really help draw people in because it gives them something to watch and learn about.

Promotional Items

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Finally, you should think about the items that you can give away to the people you talk to during the trade show. Giving people something to take away with them gives them a way of remembering the interaction and your brand in general. So come up with some interesting and useful promotional items that can have your logo and brand name printed on them.

Hopefully, you now feel more confident and assured in designing a trade show booth that can attract the right kind of attention for your business. Head to Art & Display if you want to find solutions to your trade show design needs. You’ll find everything you need there for trade show displays.

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