How to Get a Custom Look with Your Exhibit Rental

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How to get a custom look with your exhibit rental

Exhibit Rental – If you have made the decision to go with a stock rental from an exhibit house, you might be seeing the stock that is so generic, it may pain you to think of sinking any budget into it.

If you have a diverse exhibit house with great designers though, you can actually get to some great options that you’ll feel good about putting your brand name on.

One thing we suggest is getting together with your exhibit house account manager, and making sure that they fully understand your show objectives and what the booth will need to do. Also, it’s important to let them in on any launches or new brand transitions happening. The more they know, including a budget, the more they can help you create something unique.

Typically an exhibit house will show you what’s in stock that might work for your specific needs. If you have a design background, it’s easy to see how you can utilize these elements in a way that can work. But many are turned off by stock options because they can’t always envision what it could look like and what the design opportunities and limitations are.

What you should really be after is to have your exhibit house get their designer involved and show you some scenarios with selected stock elements and some customization to those elements to make them look and feel unique and in line with your show needs and brand.

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Why You Should Go For Exhibit Rental?

Stock customization can be as simple as just adding a logo and some brand elements, and if that works for you, great. But for those who want something truly special, ask about custom exhibit rental. This usually entails creating a layout you’re envisioning with pieces of various rentals and redoing their laminate surfaces to create a cohesive, on-brand vibe in the booth. You may also invest in one element that you want to repurpose show after show to serve the brand long term, such as a hanging sign or branded backlight wall where you keep just the material for future show walls.

Just know that if you want to rent something more custom, with the right exhibit house, clear objectives and a bit of additional budget, even a 10×20 can look custom!

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