How To Make Your Exhibition Stand Design More Interesting?

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How to make your exhibition stand design more interesting?When you attend an exhibition, it’s vital that your trade show displays are the best ones around. If you don’t stand out from the crowd, then hardly any of the attendees will pay you attention. As a consequence, the impact you have at a trade show, and the benefits you get from it will be limited.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a regular exhibitor or if you attend one per year and only deal with exhibit rentals; your display needs to be incredibly exciting. The question is, how do you improve the design of your trade show displays?

As exhibit design experts, we’ve identified a few things you should do:

  • Set clear goals for your trade show displays
  • Maximize visibility
  • Make the most of the space you’ve been given
  • Use graphics to stand out
  • Implement technology

Set Clear Goals for Your Trade Show Displays

Set clear goals for your trade show

Trade show exhibiting is used for multiple reasons. However, 83% of businesses on the trade show floor use event marketing to increase sales, while 73% want to raise brand awareness. You need to think about your goals as it will help you come up with a design that fuels them.

For example, if you aim to boost sales, then your booth must be designed around your product/service. Showcase the product and what it can do, make it the center of attention! If brand visibility is your crucial aim, then ensure your display reflects your brand image and tells your story.

Why Is Goal Setting Necessary at Exhibitions?

Essentially, it provides the framework for your display design. Without any goals, you have no structure to the design, and it leads to an ineffective trade show booth. If you want to stand out, you need to know the purpose of your exhibit.

Maximize Visibility

Maximize visibility

When you set up your exhibition stand, you’ll be amongst hundreds of other companies all doing the same thing. In some cases, the trade show floor is quite cramped, which means a lot of stands are close together. Then, factor in the thousands of people walking around, and it’s easy for people to miss your stand altogether.

Consequently, you need to maximize your visibility. You need to make it easier for people to see your stand. There are three main concerns here:

  • Banners
  • Color scheme
  • Lighting

By utilizing banner displays, you can dramatically improve the visibility of your stand. Some trade shows let you hang banners from the ceiling above your booth, which means you can be seen from across the floor!

With your lighting, it serves to enhance your display by literally lighting it up and drawing the attention of attendees. It’s recommended that you use backlighting on banners and LED lighting to illuminate your stand and make you more visible.

Lastly, the color scheme helps your display booth pop. Of course, you need to incorporate your brand colors but try and use bright colors for the display so you draw eyes from across the floor.

Make the Most of the Space You’re Given

Make the most of the space

The size of your trade show displays will depend on the amount of space you’ve been given. One of the worst things you can do is leave lots of empty and wasted space around you. The emptiness will demand more attention than your display itself, which isn’t useful for drawing in leads.

Likewise, cramming a small space with too much stuff will make it look too overrun, and this also won’t draw in crowds.

In reality, you can make your exhibition stand design more interesting by creating most of the space you’re given. Banner stands work well here, notably tall and thin ones. They let you display information without taking up loads of room.

Also, design your exhibit so there’s a definite flow to it. You have the main talking point at the front, then there’s a clear path behind, leading to a meeting area at the back to chat to people who come by. Your design is instantly more interesting as you’ve almost created a scene – and this is appealing to the eye.

Use Graphics to Stand Out

Eye catching graphics

The worst mistake you can make is bombarding your trade show displays with too much text. Yes, it will be beneficial in some areas, but you need to use graphics as well. There’s an interesting quote in an article on Pixelo that states, “our brain is hardwired to understand visuals better than text.” Take this to heart when designing your stand, and make use of graphic design.

One idea is to use pop-up display banners to show off infographics to people walking by. This way, you deliver information in a format that’s easy for them to digest. But even something as simple as clearly showing your logo on banners around your display will help you stand out.

Implement Technology

Implement technologies - 14-119-36_81

We live in a tech-focused world, so people have grown used to seeing it just about everywhere. An exhibition stand can be dramatically improved when technology is implemented. You don’t even have to go crazy; simple additions will make a huge difference.

There are two excellent ideas to help you get started:

  • Video Technology
  • Mobile Technology

You should get some HD screens and place them around your booth to provide messages to everyone that walks by. If you have a product you’re keen to sell, then use video to show off marketing material for it. Alternatively, use it as a type of digital signage to tell people about your business and display your crucial brand ideas.

Mobile technology is also easy to implement. Everyone has a smartphone, so take advantage of this by using things like QR codes. Have these codes around your booth, and people can scan them, then be shown specific content that you’ve linked to the systems. It’s such a great way of making your booth unique as it becomes more interactive!

Conclusion: You Need a Stand That Intrigues Attendees

As a summary of this post, you need to focus on designing a display stand that interests the attendees at a trade show. With that in mind, we can help you achieve your design goals and stand out from the crowd. Contact Art & Display today, and we will provide you with unique, customized trade show displays for your next event. Fill in a contact form to find out more, or give us a call today.