How To Reduce Environmental Impact At Your Next Trade Event?

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How to reduce environmental impact at your next trade event

We understand that trade events are high on the list of contributors when it comes to waste creation. However, we believe it’s entirely possible to exhibit in a way that makes a lesser impact on the environment.

There are numerous sustainability initiatives that we can all take into consideration when entering into the long process of developing a booth and show production plan.

For companies looking to reduce their environmental impact at shows, there has to be an interest in generating events that produce as close to zero waste as possible. To achieve sustainability, designers and show producers must adopt a holistic approach, one that addresses a spectrum of needs such as reusability/repurposing, lightweight materials that are easier to transfer, non-toxic materials and ideally biodegradable materials, and soy or vegetable-based inks for printing.

In the process of resolving the design concept, its aesthetic appeal, and its functionality, the exhibition designer adopting sustainable principles must take into account the impact an exhibition has during construction, use, and disposal. To do this the designer needs an understanding of the sustainability issues and what materials make the most sense.

Ways to Reduce Environmental Impact In Your Trade Event

For the events and programs manager, think about reducing printed hand-outs (since it’s 2019 and most of us love having gone digital) and promotional items such as the ever devastating, individually wrapped plastic chachkies that mostly end up in our landfills. This is not only a great way to save the planet, but it also shows that your company actively invests in smart, sustainable programs, marketing, and design.


Once you have committed to the new sustainable direction you are going, it helps to document what steps you and your designers are taking so you can report on it. The report will serve your company and investors to understand the impact of your initiatives. If you already have a Corporate Social Responsibility or Triple Bottom Line program for the company, your report will be a natural integration to this program and annual report. Plus, the extra efforts you make will let your clients know where your company stands on reducing environmental impact, inspiring others to do the same by following your path of sustainability.

When you are ready to develop your next trade event, think about working with a group that has some background in environmentally-friendly productions and solutions that will still meet your needs. At Art & Display, we work with all types of sustainable and low impact materials such as reclaimed woods and other accent elements. Additionally, we partner with some great groups who specialize in sustainable promotional items that may tie into any themed trade event.

Contact us for your next exhibit production, and let’s set the bar for your next company event!

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