Trends in Show Signage or Memorable Show Signage

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Trends in show signage or memorable show signage

Learn how to identify and overcome common messaging pitfalls and create messages that capture attention, inspire action, and support your mission.

Trade Show Trends

One of the most important goals at any show is creating a memorable message that sticks with your audience. Companies go about accomplishing this goal in a number of different ways, however, all strategies are not created equal. Though there are many schools of thought on show signage and how to best communicate core messaging, one thing is for sure, the strategy of writing a book’s worth of words on the booth walls and expecting your audience to read through it is by far the worst. If you’re filling up wall graphics with primary headers and bullet lists, it’s time to rethink how you are communicating to the masses.

We recently saw a booth that showcased beautiful images that you could barely see behind the several paragraphs and bullet lists overlaid in front. The first mistake was that they used way too much content and it fought the beautiful imagery that could have had one simple message to get the point across without ruining the design. The second mistake was the messaging went all the way down to the floor where the exhibiting team was working. No one could read this let alone even see this. Unfortunately, we’ve seen this strategy used at many booths in numerous shows, year after year.

Instead of being another stress factor in the overwhelming trade event storm, be the calm at the center of it. Standing out and leaving people with some key, memorable takeaways in a creative way is what it’s all about. Don’t overcomplicate a good thing, simple is always the best strategy. Remember, passers-by will generally only be able to recall one main thing about your booth. This means you only have a few seconds to capture and retain the attention of your audience. To accomplish this, it’s absolutely imperative that the booth draws you in visually.

We always recommend starting with the corporate brand and creating a solid theme for the show that can be carried out in the key messaging, handouts, pre, and post-show marketing, videos, giveaways and in the graphic design for the booth. A singular high-level message takeaway is key. Add that to consistent, intriguing exhibit design, and your audience will have a better time recollecting the opportunities you present to them.

In all likeliness, you have more than one short, key message to share with your audience. Here’s where you have the opportunity to get creative! Think first about what want your audience needs to know. Then it’s important to decide on what you will share on the walls versus in an interactive way. If you want your audience to truly remember what you’re communicating to them long after the event, the more interactive and engaging, the better. Content presented in interactive ways has shown up to an 80% higher retention rate. Below are a few ideas on how to capture your audience with messaging.

  • Large word display as part of the wall art
  • Beautifully designed info graphs
  • Interactive video walls
  • Simplified, commercial-quality videos
  • Theater creating interaction and a reason for people to sit down, and a reason for the team to pull in the audience.
  • Q&A with prizes, so people stay engaged and to avoid sitters just taking a load off
  • Great imagery with no messaging is more intriguing than too much information.
  • Creating a good scenario for engagement where your sales teams are enabled to really do the deep dive versus just letting the booth speak for itself

Check out some great examples of interactive communication below…. Here you could push a button to get Einstein to interact. In the theater, there was even more genius interactivity!

Trade show trends

We carefully and creatively make the organic connection between visual attraction, exceptional branding, and inviting design to empower our clients by maximizing their space. Our displays are not just visually attractive; they perform to meet and exceed expectations. We’ve been called artistic, creative, and visionary. We prefer “professional exhibitionists“.

Like fine art, a creatively designed exhibit space or booth should move the viewer to action. It should say something to the visitor and stir them to act. It should be visually inviting, making practical use of available space. Art & Displays graphics and design team work with you in creating space that encourages visitors to take action, whatever that desired action may be.

Clear theme

Remember, more often than not, less is more.

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