The 15 Best Tools for Event Planning in 2023

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15 best tools for event planning this 2023

Planning an event can be daunting, especially when it’s a big gathering, such as a tradeshow or conference. Fortunately, the technology boom of the last decade has given us dozens of amazing resources for streamlining the process. 

Whether you’re planning to start a small conference or host a giant trade show, you need the right tools for event planning. As experts in custom event materials, our team at Art & Display has seen many different platforms come and go – and we’ve narrowed our list down to 15 of the best tools. 

Let’s take a look at 2023’s best tools for event planning.

1. Eventbrite 


Eventbrite is a bread-and-butter tool for most project and event managers. As an online event planning and ticketing platform, it allows users to create, promote, and manage different events all in one space. Eventbrite also makes it simple to sell tickets and collect digital payments. 

Additionally, this tool provides detailed reporting and analytics to help planners better understand their attendees’ behavior and improve for the next event. You can’t improve what you can’t measure, and Eventbrite makes measuring easier than ever.

2. Cvent


This planning software offers truly comprehensive event management features. From onsite check-in options to customizable registration forms and marketing materials, Cvent has everything you need to plan and execute a seamless event. 

The best part is that Cvent offers in-person, hybrid, virtual, and webinar event options. Whatever event you might be planning, this event tool will help you maximize your reach while simplifying your day-to-day planning tasks.

3. Wrike


As an advanced project management tool, Wrike allows users to plan, organize, and manage events of various sizes. Arguably its best feature is its task management capabilities, which help team members break down large events into manageable individual tasks. 

Furthermore, Wrike offers excellent timeline management options and methods for team collaboration. Use it to improve your team’s communication and ensure everyone is working toward the same goal: a stress-free, smooth event execution. 

4. ProjectManager


This cloud-based tool makes collaboration, communication, and task management simple. Use ProjectManager to visualize your timeline and manage your event’s budget. The platform allows users to track expenses accurately, set up alerts for overspending, and manage vendor payments. 

As far as robust event planning tools go, ProjectManager is definitely high on the list. It’s even accessible on mobile devices, so you can oversee event planning wherever you are. Its advanced features make it a top choice for event planners of all types, including tradeshows and conferences.

5. EventMobi


Another cloud-based tool, EventMobi, offers top-tier planning and attendee engagement monitoring opportunities. Put out live polls and surveys to learn how attendees enjoy the experience, then use the platform’s vast networking tools to create a more interactive, engaging experience.

EventMobi also helps with exhibitor management, making both assignments and lead capturing simple and achievable. This allows users to maximize their ROI and ensure that every exhibitor has a positive experience at the event – which is probably why the platform has already helped host more than 25,000 global events.

6. Tripleseat


Are you looking for a cloud-based tool to help you manage the venue, attendees, and exhibitors? Tripleseat has now acquired the tool “Gather”, which allows users to manage their venues for tradeshows and other events. Assess floor plans, play with room layouts, and design the perfect seating arrangement for a successful event.

Like many of the others on this list, Tripleseat also makes collaboration, budget tracking, and exhibitor management simple. Reduce the risk of errors while expanding your marketing reach and working toward savings for your company resources.

7. Bizzabo


If you need a one-stop shop for all your event management needs, Bizzabo is a good choice. This tool offers everything from robust analytics features to a great online ticketing system as tools for networking campaigns. 

Bizzabo also allows users to manage daily event agendas by scheduling and managing speakers. Get down to the nitty gritty details upfront so that all of your event sessions can run smoothly.

8. Evernote


This isn’t exactly an event planning tool, but any project manager will tell you it’s a lifesaver. Evernote allows you to scan virtually all of those notes, receipts, invoices, and other documents you acquire while planning an event – and trust us; there will be a lot

Don’t let yourself get overwhelmed by the sheer number of resources and planning documents you have floating around. Scan them all into Evernote, where you can easily find, search, and manage them. You can also easily share your Evernote documents with other team members, minimizing the number of convoluted email threads.

9. XING Events


XING Events boasts a suite of planning tools to help with everything from initial conceptions to event execution. You can do everything directly from the platform: manage attendees, network, market, and even take ticket payments. 

This tool offers some of the best finance options available. Manage ticket sales, invoices, and credit notes so that you’re continuously on top of your monetary goals for the event. It’s no wonder more than 20 million members are already using XING to execute their tradeshows, conferences, and other events.

10. Ticket Tailor


If you’re hoping to sell as many tickets as possible, this tool is for you. Ticket Tailor is exceptionally user-friendly and has helped more than 60,000 event organizers sell over 23 million tickets worldwide. It doesn’t matter if it’s a conference for 2,000 people or a concert for 20,000 – this tool can help.

The best part is that even if you sell a ticket through this platform, you still get paid directly. Set up a simple, professional box-office page in mere minutes, then customize and use it however you want. 


Monday. Com

While not quite as event-specific as the other tools on this list, can assist with general task management and planning. Create columns for expenses, design timelines for marketing, or generate tasks for things like contractor negotiations and vendor payments. 

The real strength of lies in its ability to help teams work together. Gain full transparency into how each member is working and join the more than 70,000 other teams using this platform as their go-to workplace tool.

12. Aventri


This is THE all-in-one platform for virtual and hybrid events, although it also offers in-person event planning tools. Aventri is used by many big-name companies, including American Airlines and Dell, so you know it’s up to help with your upcoming event. 

Aventri can handle everything from registration planning to networking, event reporting, and even virtual tradeshow booth hosting. You can also use the tool to increase your visibility to sponsors and earn more support for your event.

13. TicketSource


As a free event ticketing platform, TicketSource makes promoting, selling, and managing any event at any venue easy. You can list events online in minutes, customize your personal shop, then get to selling. 

It doesn’t matter if you plan to use a printed guest list or automated ticket validation methods – TicketSource can help with all of it. Additionally, the tool is great for analyzing income and sales reports, simplifying event accounting. 

14. Buffer


Used by brands like Huckberry and Food52, Buffer is an excellent tool for organically building event audiences. Instead of wasting your team’s valuable time on endless social media strategies, use Buffer to get more clicks and generate awareness for your next big event.

Buffer will publish posts for you, work on growing your brand’s or event’s following, and make team collaboration easy. Perhaps that’s why more than 140,000 members have already started using Buffer to market their events.

15. Hootsuite


Last but certainly not least is a tool that most people have already heard of: Hootsuite. Social media teams have been using this platform for years to schedule and publish content, as well as to stay on top of the latest industry trends and keep up with event marketing. 

This tool is a great option for teams that don’t know where to start. Hootsuite will walk you through the process of planning and executing a marketing campaign for your event – start with a free 30-day trial.

Need Materials for Your Next Trade Show Booth?

Planning a big (or even a small) event encompasses a wide range of tasks, and managing all of them can be challenging. Hopefully, we’ve given you some great tools to explore and help with your to-do list – even when it feels like it’s never-ending.

If one of your to-dos involves designing and creating materials for your event, let us help. Art & Display offers a wide range of materials and services for tradeshows, conferences, and other events. We’ve got you covered, from custom exhibit rentals to virtual reality resources

To learn more about what we do, send us a message online. Let’s build something great together! 

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