Trade Show Tips

Exhibitor's guide to effective event branding

Exhibitor’s Guide to Effective Event Branding

By Loren Gundersen / January 9, 2024

Getting your brand in front of the right audience can be challenging. After all, there are thousands of companies vying for attention, and it’s easy to get lost in the crowd. That’s why many businesses turn to events, such as trade shows, to promote their brand and engage with potential customers.  However, simply showing up…

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A first-time exhibitor's guide to trade shows

A First-Time Exhibitor’s Guide to Trade Shows

By Loren Gundersen / November 20, 2023

Trade shows are a great way for companies to showcase their products and services, network with potential clients and partners, and gain valuable industry insights. However, for first-time exhibitors, the idea of participating in a trade show can be overwhelming. From selecting the right trade show to designing an attractive booth, there are many factors…

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How to use storytelling techniques at trade shows

How to Use Storytelling Techniques at Trade Shows

By Loren Gundersen / September 5, 2023

In the hustle and bustle of a trade show, it’s easy to get lost in the sea of banners, pitches, and free pens. No matter how amazing your booth is, you only have a fraction of a second to catch someone’s attention.  This is where the age-old art of storytelling comes into play.  When developing…

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Lead capture apps

10 Lead Capture Apps to Boost Your Trade Show Success

By Loren Gundersen / August 8, 2023

Trade shows offer an incredible opportunity to meet potential customers and build relationships with new leads. There’s no shortage of ways to attract attention, from fun activities to product demos and everything in between. But even with all that potential for success, if you don’t have a good lead capture strategy in place – all…

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15 best tools for event planning this 2023

The 15 Best Tools for Event Planning in 2023

By Loren Gundersen / February 20, 2023

Planning an event can be daunting, especially when it’s a big gathering, such as a tradeshow or conference. Fortunately, the technology boom of the last decade has given us dozens of amazing resources for streamlining the process.  Whether you’re planning to start a small conference or host a giant trade show, you need the right…

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Trade show booth game ideas

15 Fun and Engaging Trade Show Booth Game Ideas

By Loren Gundersen / November 25, 2022

Trade shows are a great way for businesses to get their name and products out there and seen by potential customers. Yet, without an engaging and fun trade show booth, it can be hard to attract customers to visit your booth. At the end of the day, a successful booth catches people’s attention and piques…

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Different types of trade show booths setup

What Are the Different Types of Trade Show Booth Setups?

By Loren Gundersen / September 7, 2022

Choosing a great trade show booth is the key to putting your best foot forward at an event. You want to stand out from the crowd –and your booth needs to draw attention and bring your company’s brand to life. Unfortunately, many people overlook the importance of a booth’s setup, not just its design. You…

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22 creative trade show ideas

22 Creative Trade Show Booth Ideas To Attract Visitors

By Loren Gundersen / June 13, 2022

If you’ve been fortunate enough to secure your spot at the hottest upcoming trade show for your industry, you’re bound to be excited. You get a 10×10 trade show booth reserved just for your brand use… but how do you pull in the visitors so that they want to notice you?  Of all the attendees…

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Why attending a trade show is important for your business

Why Attending a Trade Show is Important for Your Business

By Loren Gundersen / May 2, 2022

Are you looking for new ways to market your business? If so, you may want to consider attending a trade show. These events give you the opportunity to network with the top professionals in your industry. Additionally, they provide you with a platform to show off your latest products and services to potential customers. Let’s…

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How to promote an event

Successful Event Promotion: How to Get More Attendees

By Loren Gundersen / March 8, 2022

Planning and executing a tradeshow event requires enormous work, but the most challenging part is arguably getting people to attend. Even if you spend thousands of dollars preparing for the big day, it’s all pointless if attendance rates are dishearteningly low.  That’s why today we’re talking about successful event promotion. At Art & Display, we’ve…

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Future of trade show 2022

The Future of Trade Shows: 5 Event Trends to Expect in 2022

By Loren Gundersen / January 7, 2022

After an unprecedented year that 2020 brought us, many are wondering what the future of trade shows will look like. Nearly all businesses have transitioned into remote operations and changed the way they interact with clients and customers. But what are trade shows for? Their purpose is to create an opportunity for brands and customers…

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Engagement marketing why is it important

Engagement Marketing: What is It and Why is It Important?

By Loren Gundersen / December 16, 2021

For the longest time, brands relied on one-dimensional marketing tactics to attract potential leads. They sought to connect with customers through TV commercials, print advertisements, and direct mails, among other things. While these marketing measures do work, they come with a slew of disadvantages. First, advertisements are extremely disruptive, and in most cases, annoying. No…

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Trade show planning success

7 Ways Trade Show Planning Can Increase Your Event’s Success

By Loren Gundersen / September 17, 2021

There’s no doubt about it: trade shows are back and bigger than ever! This is because so many companies are planning to attend conferences and trade shows over the next few years. And the trade show planning industry is booming, too. As a result, the job outlook for these event planners is growing by 18%,…

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Trade show marketing roi pre post show planning

Maximize Your Trade Show Marketing ROI: Pre and Post Show Planning

By Loren Gundersen / September 13, 2021

There’s no doubt that trade show marketing took a hard hit in 2020. Since so many large events were canceled or pivoted into virtual conventions, lots of businesses decided to reel back on their investment. But now that large gatherings are allowed to operate safely, we can see that face-to-face trade show marketing is making…

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Face to face marketing important post pandemic

Why Face-to-Face Marketing is so Important Post Pandemic

By Loren Gundersen / July 8, 2021

There is no denying that the Pandemic has had long-lasting effects on virtually every aspect of life – including business and marketing. Many companies had to suddenly halt their normal operations in 2020 and find new ways to make sales, stay productive, and earn profits. Due to the spread of COVID-19, face-to-face marketing virtually disappeared…

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