Project Specs: 20 × 30 Exhibit

When TIBCO called on Art & Display to give them a new look and feel for the Embedded exhibit, we were raring to go. TIBCO wanted a design that would flow with the traffic and attract people to try out their demos. We focused in on creating an exhibit that embodied the best of simplicity and sophistication and worked had to make sure that the exhibit space could control traffic, be inviting to passerby, and be intriguing to look at.

Visual effects, multiple panels and high gear demo stations did the trick. And the best part was that TIBCO was able to utilize our custom rental program. We were able to create a new design for them without having to charge them for the cost of a complete exhibit. Keeping it under budget and above par was what we set out to do with TIBCO and we’re glad we could make it happen.

Check out What John Davis of TIBCO Had to Say About Us:

“They provide excellent services and related deliverables with a focus on customer creation and functional requirements.”

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